Chemoinformatics Strasbourg Summer School 2020


    In light of the current situation with COVID-19, we decided to postpone the 7th Chemoinformatics Summer School for the period 28 June – 2 July 2021.

    Most of lectures announced for the summer school 2020 will be delivered online starting from June 29th according to schedule available in the Program section. Access to these lectures is free but requires a registration.

    You can ask your questions by mail using this email address :

    The following topics are suggested for the scientific program :

    • Big Data in Chemistry
    • In silico pharmacology
    • Material Informatics
    • Text mining in chemistry
    • Virtual screening techniques
    • Deep learning
    • Data analysis and visualization

    Confirmed lecturers :

    • J. Bajorath (Univ. Bonn, Germany)
    • T. Langer (Univ. Vienna, Austria)
    • C. Sotriffer (Univ. Wuerzburg, Germany)
    • A. Tropsha (Univ. North Carolina, Chappel Hill, USA)
    • K. Funatsu (Univ. Tokyo, Japan)
    • J. Medina-Franco (Univ. Mexico)
    • J. Kirchmair (Univ. Vienna, Austria)
    • R. Glen (Univ. Cambridge, UK)
    • H. Senderowitz (Univ. Bar Ilan, Israel)
    • R. Sayle (NextMove Software, UK)
    • O. Taboureau (Univ. Paris Diderot, France)
    • O. Engkvist (ASTRAZENECA)
    • A. Oganov (Skoltech Univ., Moscow, Russia)
    • M. Rarey (Univ. Hamburg, Germany)
    • A. Cherkasov (Univ. British Columbia, Canada)

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