ScreenDB is an ensemble of online accessible databases, developed in the laboratory of Chemoinformatics (UMR7140 - University of Strasbourg). It can be used for similarity searches and substructural searches.

    It has been created to be as large and diverse as possible, by grouping compounds with known properties from diverse sources (commercially available compounds, reference datasets from the literature, virtual compounds). At the moment, it contains 9.5M unique compounds.

    ScreenDB is accessible via :

    It contains the following databases :
    • Refactives : Compounds with known qualitative activity/property values
    • Commercial : Commercially available compounds with provider info
    • ENAMINE_CATALOG : Compounds produced by the Enamine company (UKR)
    • ChemDIv : Compounds produced by the ChemDiv company (USA)
    • CRD_steroids : CRD inhibitors
    • MalariaDB : Compounds developed within the frame of antimalarial research
    • Ref11K : The 11K reference compounds used to generate Kohonen maps
    • CHEMBL : Subsets of ChemBL
    • ANTIVIR : Antiviral compounds (ChemBL and other sources)
    • DACSCompounds : DACS-EUOPENSCREEN Commercial compound collection
    • DUD : DUD ligands and decoys
    • ChimNat : French national library compounds
    • Compara : Compara challenge compounds
    • BRD_compounds : BRD inhibitors with activity-based classification
    • Drugbank : Drugbank v.5.0.7, all structures