• VVF Canterelle d’Obernai Les Géraniums, Obernai, France.

    Situated just 25 km from Strasbourg, at the foot of Mont Sainte Odile, Obernai lies on the famous "route des vins". It is renowned for its breweries, its wood-frame houses, quaint little streets and city ramparts. The perfect starting point to discover the traditions and cuisine of Alsace. The school will be held in the village of vacation "VVF - Les Geraniums" which provides all required facilities.

    Group transportation

    • On Sunday 20 June group transportation (two buses) will be arranged from Strasbourg railway station – via Strasbourg-Entzheim airport – to the venue.
    • Bus departure times will be as follows :
      • from Strasbourg railway station : 13.30 and 15.00
      • from Strasbourg airport : 14.00 and 15.30.
    • Bus transportation back to the station and to the airport will also be arranged for Thirsday 24 June afternoon. Departure times will be finalised at a later stage in order to suit the majority.

    For further information, please consult the Practical Information Guide PDF version :

    PDF - 61.6 ko
    Practical informations